Union for Reform Judaism

Evaluation Of The CHAI Curriculum

“The URJ must be commended for its ongoing commitment to rigorous formal evaluation and for its willingness to invest in the challenging groundbreaking process of developing tools to measure student achievement.” (Executive Summary: CHAI Impact Study, 6)


Evaluation by an outside agency is an ongoing aspect of the CHAI curriculum. See below for a summary of the process thus far as well as results of specific evaluations. Reports and executive summaries are available here.

Evaluation of Training and Support for the URJ's CHAI Curriculum  

April 2009: The latest study of the CHAI curriculum, focusing on teacher observations and feedback about the curriculum.

CHAI Impact Study (JESNA)  

October 2005: A first effort at assessing the impact of the curriculum on student learning, limited to fifth grade students learning the Level 5 G’milut Chasadim strand. Try using the student surveyand teacher survey or an adaptation in your school and share the results with us. You may want to use it as both a pretest and a posttest for the unit. Instructions for administration

Implementation evaluation of CHAI (JESNA)  

June 2004: A study of how CHAI was adopted and implemented and perceived effectiveness resulting in additional content strands and enhanced student materials.

Parent Education Evaluation (JESNA)  

December 2003: A formative evaluation of pilot parent education lessons used to revise materials before publication.

CHAI: A Learning Initiative from a Learning Organization (JESNA)  

November 2003: A two page summary for the National Biennial Convention outlining the goals and results of evaluation.

CHAI Lesson Feedback, Core Curriculum Grades 2 & 3 (JESNA)  

December 2002: An early implementation study that resulted in changes in the format and content of future levels as well as training.

CHAI Teacher Training Retreats Participants' Feedback Survey (JESNA)  

December 2002: Teacher retreats were evaluated through participant surveys, resulting in improved future retreats and trainings.  We have used the same evaluation form for every retreat we have since conducted.  Adapt the form for your own use.